ButterKnife: The Right Way [Part 2]

Previously in part one, we talked about different annotations available in ButterKnife. Please read part one to know the reason behind this article. We previously talked about Resource Binding and View Binding and left with @BindViews in which we can bind multiple views in a List or Array. There are three convenience methods for working with view list or array. apply(List, Action) – Applies an action … Continue reading ButterKnife: The Right Way [Part 2]

ButterKnife : The Right Way [Part 1]


Ever since I started mobile development I’ve been using ButterKnife, A must for every Android project for me. I hope most of you’re familiar with it… and just in case you’re not, check it out on Github Pages. I am using ButterKnife since last two years and have seen many projects on GitHub that use ButterKnife … Continue reading ButterKnife : The Right Way [Part 1]